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We Make Your Life Easier!

Our mission is to treat customers with such respect and integrity that our services will make the pet maintenance process fun, exciting, and most importantly successful for everyone. Clean Feet is dedicated to making life easier for pet owners by providing hassle-free cat and dog pooper scooper services . From litter boxes to yards, Clean Feet Pet Clean Up will handle your pooper scooper needs. We believe the fulfillment of this mission ultimately requires satisfaction for our customers, a worthwhile profit for the company and the opportunity for our employees to earn decent and fair compensation for their work.

Cleaning up after your cat and dog can be a stinky job, let Clean Feet do it. A routine pooper scooper service is necessary in order to maintain a healthy home for you, your family and your animals. Our cat and dog pooper scooper services are a tool, a means to an end; not a brand name or a mold-breaker, but a service that can be used by anyone with animals and kids. 

Why Pooper Scooper Services Are Important!


Pet Care Services

Dogs In The City & Their Waste

Many urban areas are experiencing a new and profound concern with the increasing amounts of dog waste in the city streets. With the huge concentration of dogs in metropolitan areas, whether as household pets or guard dogs, the city is experiencing an alarming increase in pet waste piling up around the already run-down urban landscape. Concern over environmental pollution in general is also on the rise. Many citizens and some media reporters have made a huge deal over dog waste…

Stop Your Puppies from Chewing

There are a lot of challenges that come with raising puppies. Certain breeds have different behaviors than other dogs because of their genetics. If you happen to be lucky enough to have puppies that love to chew, you may be in for an uphill battle. There are a few things you can do to both stop chewing and reduce its effects while it goes on, but you shouldn’t attempt to stop dog chewing all at once. Especially when it comes…

Dog Training: Increase Productivity Now!

There are about the same number of techniques to train a dog as there are dogs to train. It seems like there is always a new system, style or philosophy being pushed on new pet owners. Everyday there is a new book on dog training being published and older training systems are being brought back. Check a bookstore or google it and you will be overwhelmed with the number of techniques used for dog training nowadays. Despite the wide array…

Bathing Your Cat

Cats normally do not need help getting and staying clean. They are tedious about their cleanliness and spend much of their day primping and preening. Cats learn from a very young age to stay clean, as the mother always teaches their young the art of bathing. Cat owners rarely need to give their cats a bath, however, there are some situations where you need to bath your kitty. You never know when your cat will get so dirty that they…